Georgia Killed Troy Davis

I was sick yesterday, and therefore am a little behind, but I did go to my server job, and tried to find out from anyone about Troy Davis.

From Amnesty International:

After a torturous delay of more than 4 hours, the state of Georgia has just killed Troy Anthony Davis.

My heart is heavy. I am sad and angry. The state of Georgia has proven what we already know. Governments cannot be trusted with the awful power over life and death.

Today, Georgia didn't just kill Troy Davis, they killed the faith and confidence that many Georgians, Americans and Troy Davis supporters worldwide used to have in our criminal justice system.

Wende, on our Abolish the Death Penalty Campaign team, met with Troy Davis yesterday to convey the support that he has had from all of you. He asked us to deliver this message back to you:

"The struggle for justice doesn't end with me. This struggle is for all the Troy Davises who came before me and all the ones who will come after me. I'm in good spirits and I'm prayerful and at peace."

Let's take a moment to honor the life of Troy Davis and Mark MacPhail. Then, let's take all of our difficult feelings and re-double our commitment to abolition of the death penalty.

It's sad that the same reasons Repubs and Tea Baggers don't support univeral healthcare are the same reasons they support the death penalty: racism. :(

God forbid rich people pay for the upkeep of someone who isn't white.


JamTheCat said…
Just another lynching by the Peachtree State. Nothing surprising. Hell, Texas killed an innocent man back in 2004 and Perry's gotten pats on the back for it, some people actually saying it takes gut to execute an innocent man. That is how diseased the right wing in this country has become. thank God I live but 10 miles from the Canadian border. I'm seriously thinking about moving there.
Writer said…
Kyle, can I come with? ;)
Kyle said…
Diminishing one life, diminishes all our lives. Getting conservatives to see that is very difficult because they don't see the connections between us all, in fact they openly ignore them. Phobias of all kinds make the mix even more toxic.
Writer said…
Kyle, I also see that executing someone - especially a black someone - falls under the conservative machine of not giving someone welfare or universal healthcare. That may be overly harsh but I see the strain too in the "let's kill people as punishment" mindset.

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