The Honor of Being Banned

Via Huffington Post, Cecilia Galante on the honor of having her book The Patron Saint of Butterflies banned:

And herein lies the real honor of being banned: I believe that when someone writes their truth, their real truth, the one that has kept them up at night, wondering if they could put it down on paper, the one that made them weep when they finally did, the one that still haunts them, even to this day, it is an act of courage. The older I get, the more I understand that every act of courage in this world is eventually going to be met by someone who is still afraid. It is those fears that are really behind the banning of books, those closed minds and eyes, which refuse to throw open their own curtains and see their own light.


JamTheCat said…
I sort of got banned -- by Amazon. They dropped "How To Rape A Straight Guy" and both volumes of "Rape In Holding Cell 6" as being porn. But they backed down after nearly two months of back and forth and actually checking into the content; that's when they realized that while there is some pretty heavy-duty sex in both books, they were about something serious and real and didn't fall under the heading of obscenity.

But as if to make it even funnier, about a month ago they pulled the paperback edition of "RIHC6v1" (but not the Kindle version) to review it for content. Again. Seems there are little worms everywhere who want to foul the apples.
tamayn said…
I absolutely love this quote. What she says really does sum up the truth behind banning books.
Trickle Down BS said…
I know exactly how it feels...I once had a one man show of my paintings and the Cuban Catholics in Miami censored it. I was so proud I was dancing on air.
They banned it they said because there was a painting showing a black woman's breast...but in reality it was a painting of a parody of the Sistine Chapel where man was giving God the finger...that was what set them off although they would not admit it.
Writer said…
Kyle, you've had so many issues with Amazon. I hate it. Even if it were simply porn, they'd at least make money from selling it. Prudes!
Writer said…
You are so right, tamayn. You'd think there was a conspiracy between the censors and the subject to insure book/whatever media sales. LOL ;)
Writer said…
raulito, do you have a website featuring your work? Do you ever post it on your blog? :)
Kyle said…
People ban things because of the power that the banned work gives the author/artist and the power it transfers to others. Plain and simple.
Writer said… other words, it's someone who'd be okay with life being Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale?? ;)

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