NPR on Weekend

Via NPR:

Weekend, an achingly tender chamber piece from first-time director Andrew Haigh, opens in the finest tradition of atmospheric British realism. The camera lingers on the bleak anonymity of a high-rise housing project edged with brave patches of green, then sweeps us up to the 14th floor of this concrete monstrosity, where lives a great soul yearning for completion.

In his cramped but cozy flat, handsome, bearded Russell (Tom Cullen) puts on new sneakers in preparation for dinner at the home of his best friend, Jamie (Jonathan Race), and his wife. The company is jolly and welcoming, but Russell's sensitive features betray a sense of marginality, possibly self-imposed. On his way home, he stops at a gay bar and picks up Glen (Chris New), an artist. They spend the weekend together, on and off. That's pretty much it for plot, unless you count some fairly explicit sex, sprinkled with drug use and a little perfunctory socializing.

Mostly, though, the two men hole up in Russell's flat, gabbing wondrously about who they are and where they come from and what they want. And as they do, a rich world of longing, self-revelation and disappointment opens up between two strangers who, on the face of things, don't mesh on any level.

Hello, my life. :(


Cubby said…
This is playing at the Dayton LGBT Film Fest on Sunday afternoon. Greg and I are going to see it. It looks good.

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