RIP: Jamey Rodemeyer

Via Joe.My.God.:

Buffalo-area police are considering filing criminal charges against the students who allegedly bullied 14 year-old gay teen Jamey Rodemeyer into killing himself.

No bullying laws exist in New York State, according to Camilleri, so police would have to determine whether aggravated harassment charges fit this case. Whether suspects would be tried in juvenile court would depend on whether the alleged bully was 16 or older, he said. Police said they had spoken with Williamsville School Superintendent Scott G. Martzloff, who has pledged the district's cooperation. "We've heard that there were some specific students, an identifiable group of students, that had specifically targeted Jamey, or had been picking on him for a period of time," Police Chief John C. Askey told the Buffalo News.


thegayte-keeper said…
DeepBlue said…
We could prosecute the kids who harrassed Jamey, but to me the bottom line is that the school system has got to do something about bullying, which is likely not going to happened because they wash their hand of all this.

What happened to Jamey it is as much the responsability of the system and those who run it than the bullies! I've always been appalled at the fact that my teachers didn't seems to find it necessary to help me out against bullyism saying that it was not meant to be mean, that it was all part of growing up, that it would shape our character and personnality, blablabla. And that was in the 80's...

To me the bullies shouldn't be the only ones to be prosecuted, but the school system and the community itself, although I know how unrealistic this is... just trying to make a point here.

Where are the teachers, educators and school principals who "allowed" the bullying to take place? Where are those good parents who won't say anything because after all, it didn't happen to THEIR kid? There are all as guilty in my mind for not going out there and saying "THAT'S ENOUGH" once and for all!

GET OFF YOUR BUTT, STOP WATCHING THOSE DAMN STUPID TV REALITY SHOW AND GET INVOLVE. We all want equity but its not by spending our entire evenings in front of the tv watching sports, beauty pageant or talent shows that we're gonna change anything.

Sorry for going on a rant like this! LOL! The bottom line is that I blame much more the adults for all the bullying I went through than my bullies themselves! I survived it. Today I'm a happy 45 yo gay men, no thanks to the school system and my community.

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