I'm very, very excited about this movie. I've shared it with friends, posted it on Facebook. And you probably saw an earlier-today posting with the NPR review. So I thought it best to post the trailer here as well with the link to the Band of Thebes post on it.

Apparently Weekend is getting across-the-boards good reviews which also makes me extremely happy. I also posted the NPR review on the Facebook page for the local "art-house" theater, so maybe, just maybe we'll get the movie here.

*Crossing fingers


Cubby said…
If you have the free hours and the inclination (and the gas money), come see it with Greg and I on Sunday afternoon in Dayton.
Writer said…
Thanks for the offer, Cubby. But I have neither the free hours nor the gas money nor honestly the car in which to put the gas. Enjoy! :)
Kyle said…
We're eager to see this one too. Very soulful.

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