YAY: The End of Bullfighting in Catalonia

Via A Humane Nation:

Raphael Minder of The New York Times reported this weekend on the final day of bullfighting in Catalonia in Spain. It was not a nominal or cosmetic change in policy, since bullfighting has been a tradition in this part of Spain.

Minder also reported that bullfighting is flagging nationwide because of the economic downturn in Europe, as well as an end to some industry subsidies long provided by the government of Spain. These are welcome developments, since bullfighting involves demonstrable cruelty for nothing but human entertainment. It’s no different morally from dogfighting or cockfighting, except that the human hand is more directly involved in the torment and the punishment of vulnerable creatures.


tamayn said…
I know that it's an unnecessarily cruel sport, but part of me will always be in love with matadors.
Writer said…
I know...those pants. And the Madonna video!

I guess we'll just have to start lusting after bull-riders instead.

It's a whole cowboy thing. ;)

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