Canadian Politician Says Bullying Was Factor in Gay Son's Suicide

Via The New Civil Rights Movement

The father of 15-year old Ottawa suicide victim Jamie Hubley says that bullying was definitely a factor in his son’s tragic death on Friday. Allan Hubley, a local Ottawa, Canada politician, released a statement that sang the praises of his son’s accomplishments, discussed his son’s depression, and acknowledged the tragic bullying his son, Jamie Hubley, experienced.

Click over to read the rest of Mr. Hubley's statement.

Jamie died Friday, October 14.


DeepBlue said…
How many more before the world wakes up???

This goes to proove that even if one is fully accepted and loved by his family and friends, still the pressure of our narrow-minded society can ruin the life of someone who is different (and I'm not only talking about gays here)

Thanks for posting
Jon, a survivor! ;)
Writer said…
Jon, I'm a survivor too. But sometimes, though I feel for this kids, I don't get it. I came out as gay in a very hostile place at a rather hostile time - 1994 in the country of western Kentucky...yes, I know: you're thinking isn't all of Kentucky country? But no. And yes, my senior year my grades crashed and I skipped a lot of school, and my guidance counselors had no clue how to help me, because they'd never needed to help a gay kid before AND my only mentors were two older gay men with full blown AIDS who let me borrow porn. So what is different now? Are the bullies that much more crueler? Is it because thanks to social media gay kids can't get away from it? You'd think that BECAUSE of social media gay kids would be aware of all these other kids who are offing themselves and see all the other gay people out there saying it will get better or call me for help or come here to hang with other gay kids? It's so frustrating.
Writer said…
Exactly, Wonder Man! :(

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