Class Warrior Paul Ryan


The Washington Post's Greg Sargent does a great job of dismantling Paul Ryan's new speech at the Heritage Foundation, where the Wisconsin congressman absurdly accused President Obama of "sowing social unrest and class resentment."

Lest there be any doubt, Ryan should now be regarded as a first-rate demagogue and class warrior for the wealthy, rather than the deep thinker behind the intellectual resurgence of the GOP.

Ryan's speech, however, is sure to get a lot of coverage in Washington. After all, he's now considered a very serious person inside the Beltway, willing to take "bold" and "courageous" unpopular positions. As I wrote in my recent piece, "How The Austerity Class Rules Washington," Ryan largely owes his rise to the so-called centrist deficit hawks in DC, who've validated his radical policy prescriptions.

And here is another article about the CBO report Rachel Maddow discussed last night on her show.

From The Atlantic: Income Inequality Is Not a Myth


tamayn said…
So just out of curiosity, is this history repeating itself with all this austerity talk? Is this the same thing that happened before the great depression, or are we writing a whole new level of stupidity on our own?
Writer said…
I thought this had more to do with the Gilded Age rather than the period just before the Great Depression. Granted the GOP are going to do their best to insure no FDR style programs get suggested. Nope, nope. The only way the GOP will be happy to end this recession is another world war. Yikes.

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