Friday Beau

Via The Man Crush Tumblr

Even with a look on his face that says the ocean smells a little fishier than usual, he's still a hottie.


Stan said…
He's damn sexy in that little swim suit!
RedPhillip said…
What do guys do to get thighs that huge? Not sure I get why to do it if it's not part of a sport one's serious about. Oh well. /end_old_fart_complaint

Love the Speedo style he's rocking. If I ever see another pair of board shorts it will be too soon. (Guess I wasn't done with the old fart stuff after all.)

My word verification: defenest
charmngbilly said…
lookz enough like an ex-husband to be scary. *sigh*

DeepBlue said…
Have a great weekend Writer.
Chances are you WON'T find me outside in that outfit!
Writer said…
I thought so, Tim. :)
Writer said…
Isn't he though, Stan? ;)
Writer said…
It's okay to be an old fart, RedPhillip. I find myself being an old fart sometimes...especially about all the new-fangled music kids listen to nowadays.

(Warning: the above message contains too words that expose myself as an old fart.)

Writer said…
billy, he may be an ex but damn you lucky to have that in your guys are never that built. LOL
Writer said…
Oh why not, Jon?? :)

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