Integrity Costs A Lot

Ohoh! It seems that a mistake was made when the National Book Foundation announced Lauren Myracle's book Shine was a nominee in the Young People's category for the National Award. Rather, they meant to announce the nomination for Franny Billingsley's Chime.

Chime, a book about a teenage witch, was belatedly nominate on Monday while Myracle was asked to withdraw in an effort "to preserve the integrity of the award and the judges' work."

Well, happily, preserving that integrity will cost the Foundation more than the $1000 that Myracle could've won if she hadn't withdrawn. See, Shine deals with a gay-related hate crime, so at Myracle's behest, the Foundation is donating $5000 to the Matthew Shepherd Foundation.

Good job, NBF! Way to turn a awkward situation into a good one.

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Tim said…
The suggested rational behind the "confusion" is that Shine and Chime sound alike.

Uh.... I'm sorry, I thought the award committee actually had to write down author's names and read the book in question.

I just don't buy this excuse.
Writer said…
Yeah, Tim...I don't think anyone's buying it. LOL

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