Cain Fesses Up


Herman Cain, the former pizza company executive leading national and state polls for the Republican presidential nomination, acknowledged reports Monday that he had been accused of sexual harassment and that his employer had reached financial settlements with his accusers.

He also admits to being the lying liar that he is. Well...that most teabaggery conservatives are.


Closet Boy said…
Clearly there are people in the GOP who really want their very own Barack Obama, just as some Conservatives and Liberals in England prayed for and eventually got their own version of Tony Blair!

Others though clearly aren't so happy with Cain, not so much because he's black - even if they have quite cynically decided that right-wingers are more likely to believe sex-crime rubbish about a black man than they would a white man - as because he's not the GOP Establishment (i.e. Bush family) favourite Mitt Romney.

So, Romney it is then, and Romney it will be - the GOP's nominated John Kerry (or "patsy"), chosen by his Party to go out there and, with a modicum of dignity, give the reigning President four more years.
Writer said…
Closet Boy, sounds good to me. LOL
Closet Boy said…
Except that it isn't, because all it is is a big stitch-up between the two parties. Clinton supported Bush after Gore distanced himself from Clinton, Bush supported Obama against McCain, Obama will support whoever (but quite possibly someone called Bush) in 2016. The "Four More Years!"-election, meanwhile, is becoming little more than a formality. Bob Dole, John Kerry, Mitt Romney - all sound, depedable losers who will go through the motions and pretend they want to be President!

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