Wisdom of Non-Violence

Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen being carried by fellow Occupy Oakland protesters after being wounded by police.

Image and quote from DailyKos

The fact is that all non-cooperation is not violent and non-violent non-cooperation can never be an act of violence.
~M.K Gandhi, in Non-Violent Resistance

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JamTheCat said…
The only words I can think of for what happened here are unprintable.
Writer said…
Kyle, you can say whatever you'd like on my blog. LOL
Stan said…
What kind of country fires on its own veterans? It's appalling!
charmngbilly said…
ultimately, that this happened is pretty damn disappointing.....i keep waiting for "us" to get better as people.....this lovely boy (anyone younger than me is 'boy') was hurt for no other reason than someone felt he needed to "exercise his 'authority'". disappointed, disheartened, and disgusted.
Writer said…
Well, Stan, as you mention in another comment...this one.
Writer said…
billy, add angry and in the streets to that. :/

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