Writers for the 99%

Image via New York Magazine

Story via HuffingtonPost:

How do you tell the story of Occupy Wall Street? An anonymous collective called "Writers for the 99%" is trying to do just that, creating a book for progressive publisher OR Books using a revolutionary writing method inspired by the movement's own democratic structure.

The book was announced yesterday, and OR Books co-founder, Colin Robinson, told The Huffington Post that their chosen writing method is both "terrifying and exhilarating." He spoke to us on the telephone from his home in New York.

Who are 'Writers for the 99%'?

I can't tell you at this point. They are a mix of people who are active in the occupation, and people who are supportive of it. Some of them are quite well-known writers.


Stan said…
This sounds interesting.
tamayn said…
I saw the list was up at Genreville a little bit ago. I hope it works out for them.
Writer said…
I think so too, Stan. I hope we get it here at my library. :)
Writer said…
tamayn, list? What list? Of authors? :)
tamayn said…
Yeah, they talked about the list of famous authors involved.
Writer said…
I saw the list, tamayn. Thank you for mentioning it. There are at least two Kentucky authors on it: Silas House and Crystal Wilkinson. :)

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