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Paterno, Curley and Schultz disingenuously claim they were left with the impression that the contact might have been mere “horsing around,” as Curley put it. That’s grotesque.

Like the Roman Catholic Church, Penn State is an arrogant institution hiding behind its mystique. And sports, as my former fellow sports columnist at The Washington Star, David Israel, says, is “an insular world that protects its own, and operates outside of societal norms as long as victories and cash continue to flow bountifully.” Penn State rakes in $70 million a year from its football program.

Paterno was still practicing for the game against Nebraska on Saturday, and supportive students were rallying at his house. This is what Israel calls “the delusion that the ability to win football games indicates anything at all about your character or intelligence other than that you can win football games.”


Tim said…
What's interesting is that students at Penn Stae rioted last night because they think this is all media hype.

It's not.

According to the grand jury testimony, Salisbury was investigated for sexually molesting young boys in 1998. Coach Joe Paterno and Penn State president Graham Spanier both knew about it, and did not see this as a warning sign. They did nothing to prevent Salisbury from continuing to work with young boys alone, and instituted no common-sense safeguards.

In 2002, Salisbury was observed naked, fondling a young boy's genitals in a shower at night in the football locker room. Although this was reported as sexual touching, both Paterno and Spanier ignored the report. Paterno may have legally protected himself by reporting the incident to Spanier for action. But ethically, Paterno knew what was going on and did nothing. And that boy was raped repeatedly by Salisbury.

Indeed, both Spanier and Paterno knew that things were bad because they took away Salisbury's permission to use the football facilities at night, and took away his keys.

When the investigation arose again in 2008 and in 2011, Spanier and Paterno did nothing to protect Penn State or Salisbury. "Innocent until proven guilty" must be our norm. But to ensure that a person CAN be found innocent, an institution will usually put that individual in a situation (paid time off, chaperoned, personnel files under lock and key, etc.) which will ensure that they cannot be falsely accused during the investigation.

Spanier and Paterno took no such actions. Even though they knew Salisbury was raping children (and had taken action to make sure that didn't happen in the football locker room), they did nothing during this time to protect Penn State, protect Salisbury, or ensure that children were protected.

Capt. Louis: "Shocked -- SHOCKED I am that gambing's going on here!"
Dealer: "Your winnings, sir..."
Capt. Louis: "Oh, thank you."

Penn State's student body is in such denial, they rioted.

They think football is more important that preventing the sexual abuse of children.

Shame on Penn State students! SHAME!
charmngbilly said…
i have to agree with Tim. watching several interviews with students i had the urge to scream "What the fuck is wrong with you people!?!?"

everyone seems hung up about Paterno's legacy but since he failed multiple times to act fully human, he has none.

just my $0.02.
Writer said…
I agree with you, Tim...though you do realize his name is Sandusky...or are you doing that on purpose?

Yeah, the riots freaked me out. "How dare you take away our Joe Pa?!? Here. Take this child and do as you wish, Jerry, just give us back our Joe Pa!"
Writer said…
You're 2 cents are very much appreciated, billy. Paterno knows that he now has no legacy...at least, he isn't try to fight it.

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