I See What You Did With Your Gay Guitar

It's beefsteak when I'm working
It's whisky when I'm dry
It's sweet Heaven when I die

...but of all the little ways I've find to hurt myself
well you might be my favorite one of all.

WOW! Words have so much freaking power.

Good morning, y'all.


Mitch Block said…
And they hit home especially strongly when they're sung. Wow... (y'all)!
Writer said…
Mitch, I can't help it: y'all is the only country-ism I allow myself.
Mitch Block said…
It's not one I've ever used (not common in NYC or anyplace I've lived), but I DO especially love its plural form: All y'all!
charmngbilly said…
david rawlings is hawt. i said it. and that fiddle playin' boy from the del mccoury band....jason carter? hawt, too. musical boys can be fun.
Writer said…
Mitch, I tend to save that for gangbangs...well, when I'm the bottom.
Writer said…
billy, musicians can totally be fun, and yes, David Rawlings is so hot. I'm sad I don't have his album yet!

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