Movember Beau

Image via StudFarm

At first I thought (at second glance) there was something wrong with this guy's face, but then I realized he has a moustache...which to some people means there's something wrong with his face, but I like a good moustache ride, and after all it is...


Via Back2Stonewall:

Been yearning to grow a moustache but your boss/partner/dog won’t let you? Is your upper lip dying to show the world how stylish it can be? Well here’s your chance: November 1st marks the start of “Movember” all around the world! Thousands of men now have a valid excuse to leave their razor alone and to indulge in some [extra] self-grooming as they partake in this hearty awareness and fundraising campaign – all in the name of men’s health.

Click over and you can learn how to get sponsorship for your "Mo" and raise money for men's health issues, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.


M@rvin said…
I don't know about Movember, but I will take that hot man's dick in my mouth every day of this month if required! ;-)

Are you growing one this month? Think you would look even hotter with that.
Writer said…
M@rvin, why, yes I am. I hope to have a handlebar mo by the end of the month. LOL

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