Occupy UC Davis, We Are With You

This is horrific! >:(

More at NPR


Writer said…
It seems that the OWS must be doing something good. The authoritay would not be pushing back so violently if it didn't feel threatened. :)
JamTheCat said…
Compare it with the photos of police in Egypt, where they're killing peaceful protesters. This country is doomed.
Writer said…
Kyle, how do you mean? Because we're more upset over the pepper-spraying of some college students than we are about the killing of peaceful protestors in Egypt? Or because the pepper-spraying of some college students is the start of a slippery slope that could end in the killing of said college students? I guess I don't know what you mean.

And, yes, I am upset about what is going on in Egypt. Don't assume I'm not simply because I'm not posting it here.
Writer said…
Exactly, gayte-keeper. :(
JamTheCat said…
I mean that's how it started in Egypt -- tear gas, water cannons, police in riot gear to roust peaceful demonstrators. Since 9/11 our government's been training our police forces to be supplements to the armed forces, lavishing money on them to buy anything and everything they want in the way of crowd control, and more often than not the courts have gone along in lock step. So now people gathering peacefully in a public park can be arrested for the flimsiest of excuses, and very few judges will go against those arrests (I only know of the one in Tennessee who did).

So what I'm saying is, our police have behaved in the same manner as those belonging to the repressive regimes in Cairo and Tehran and Beijing and South Africa not to mention the army and police in Northern Ireland. And it's only by luck that no one's been killed yet...though not for lack of trying on the part of the cops.

What really saddens me about this is, so damn many people just do not care that peaceful protesters are being deliberately tortured by those people who are sworn to protect us, all in violation of the Bill of Rights. Something like 60% just do not give a damn.

This country is doomed.

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