Repost: Stop Using Sex As a Weapon

I was very sad to read about this yesterday, and the capture of the culprit didn't lessen the sadness.

Via boy culture

Authorities have arrested the man they think murdered gay flight attendant Nick Aaronson in his hotel room in Mexico City, a parolee with a history of robbery who apparently committed the crime in order to make off with an iPhone and not much else.

Incredibly, the suspect was stopped by hotel staffers and made to sign in even though Aaronson vouched for his pick-up. So despite signing in, speaking with the staff and being on surveillance video, the man nonetheless decided to strangle Aaronson to death. Then he stole an easily trackable phone and didn't even leave the area, instead shaving his head and returning to a gay bar where they'd first met.

I've seen commenters already clucking their tongues about how stupid it is to pick up strangers, but come on—anyone who's ever had a one-night or one-hour stand could have found himself with that belt around his neck. And in this case, Aaronson had to feel pretty darn safe considering the sign-in and surveillance cameras. In a hotel, you'd be thinking, "Who would be stupid enough to do anything crazy?" Someone crazy, apparently.

I don't judge him at all. It's a heart-breaking loss, so senseless. I hope his perp will spend the rest of his life in prison.

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Bob said…
That's just blaming the victim like he really did anything to deserve being murdered.
Writer said…
Bob, are you talking about the piece in general or simply the one paragraph in which boy culture mentions that some commenters have been judging Nick for picking up a stranger?

I'm not judging Nick. I've gone home with strangers many times, and I know that I would be there but for the grace of god/goddess/universe or pure damn luck.

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