Return to Zuccotti Park

Via NY Daily News:

The tents are gone but the protest lives on.

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators vowed to return in force to Zuccotti Park Wednesday and regroup their fractured movement as they faced the first full day since their eviction from Zuccotti Park.

Also, How Bloomberg's Plans at Zuccotti will backfire

Also, the crackdown on Occupiers followed a conference call between 18 mayors. Apparently no such crackdown is in the work for Lexington. Granted we have about 2 people occupying Chase Bank Wall Street here at all times, but on the weekends and evenings this does sometime swell up to 20 or so.

Yeah...we suck when it comes to activism.


tamayn said…
I wouldn't be too concerned about it. There's an Occupy movement in my hometown, but they are trying to get our republican state representative to speak at their events. Talk about logic.

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