Time to Put Up the Tree

Not a particularly good picture - damn back lighting - but Kentucky Utilities has put up their annual big ass tree. Eventually huge drag queen-esque baubles will be hanging from it.

You go girl!


Tim said…
Awesome! There's no big civic tree in Lex?

The National ChristmasTree on the Ellipse was replanted in March after the old one was blown over in high winds in February. They will begin decorating it around November 25, in time for the December 1 lighting ceremony. This year's stars in attendance for the ceremony include Carson Daly, Kermit the Frog, Rodney Atkins and OneRepublic!

The Capitol Christmas Tree (which is a cut tree, and stands on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol Building) is on its way east from California. Should be here about November 30. That tree lighting is three or four days later.

The White House Christmas Tree is the one that is indoors, in the Blue Room. It's coming from Wisconsin this year, and should be up by December 1. No word yet on the theme. (In 2009, it was "Re-used Ornaments from Previous Administrations." In 2010, it was "State Fairs".)

I've never seen the White House Chrismas tree, because you have to apply two months in advance to get tickets to get into the White House. (That's due to security, not the pressure of the crowds.)

The Capitol Tree is really nice every year. Plus, there's the added bonus of the Botanical Gardens right nearby, which have lots of trees, a Poinsettia garden, and an outdoor train that is super cool.
tamayn said…
I tried to talk Partner into getting a Christmas Tree yesterday. Just a small artificial deal. Seeing a Christmas Tree just puts me in a better mood.
Writer said…
Tim, there is a city tree, but where it usually stands is currently under construction: the city is building an outdoor skating rink there. :)
Writer said…
tamayn, make one out of construction paper with ornaments cut from pretty fashion mags or any old porn mags you may have lying about. ;)

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