WOW: Randy Harrison turned 34 yesterday

I knew Randy Harrison - Justin on Queer As Folk (American version) was younger than me, but I thought he was much much much younger than me, not simply 2 years younger than me.


Wow, when little Justin from Queer as Folk turns 34, it sure as hell makes me feel old. Well he is still cute and sweet as hell. For more on what Randy has been up to since Queer as Folk has gone off the air, click here!


tamayn said…
I was starting college about the same time as Queer As Folk was on Showtime. I remember thinking that if this is what people my age looked like, I was at a disadvantage.
EMikeGarcia said…
He's still gorgeous... I can't believe we're the same age! I thought he was so much younger than I was and even felt a little dirty for wanting to have sex with him back then.
Writer said…
I'm right there with you, tamayn...I mean...about myself, not you. But I watched anyway.
Writer said…
Mike, I definitely didn't know he was ONLY 2 years younger than me. But happily I never had the dirty feelings. ;)

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