December Horror

The Night Strangers - Chris Bohjalian

Commercial pilot Chip Linton struggles with PTSD after having crash-landed his passenger jet on Lake Champlain. Seeking peace and quiet, he moves with his wife and twin daughters to a Victorian mansion in Vermont and starts remodeling the house as a kind of therapy. In the process, he comes across a mysterious door in the basement -- firmly sealed years earlier with 39 carriage bolts. Thirty-nine is exactly the number of people who died in the plane crash...and somehow Chip must learn the connection between the door and the crashed jet. For another terrifying tale about a man seeking peace in an old farmhouse, read Dan Simmons' A Winter Haunting.

Those Across the River - Christopher Buehlman

Frank Nichols, an unemployed college professor and veteran of World War I, inherits a mansion in Whitbrow, Georgia that has long been in the family. When he learns about his great-grandfather's brutal treatment of his slaves, he decides to investigate. He and his wife, Eudora, move south to live in the mansion while he does his research. But when Frank delves into the slave history, events take him where he least expected to go. If you want more Depression-era terror in a small Southern town, read Michael Koryta's The Cypress House.

The First Days - Rhiannon Frater

Transfixed by the sight of her three-year-old's tiny fingers scrabbling under the front door, and then by the pool of blood flowing out, Jenni is unable to run from her family, now ravenously pursuing her. Just in time, a voice tells her to get into the pickup truck sitting in her driveway. Katie, the rescuer, and Jenni drive away as fast as possible, pursued by Jenni's zombie family – and more of the hungry undead! Author Rhiannon Frater initially published her trilogy As the World Dies online. The First Days is book 1; the 2nd volume, Fighting to Survive, appeared in November; and the 3rd book, Siege, is scheduled for release in April.

Harbor - John Ajvide Lindqvist

Anders and Cecelia love the view from their little island house, called The Shack, so as soon as the water in the harbor firmly freezes over, they go out with their seven-year-old daughter Maja for a picnic at the old lighthouse. Everything is covered in white, and there's no place to hide, but Maja mysteriously disappears without even a trace of her footprints. Devastated, Anders drowns his sorrow in alcohol and Cecelia leaves him. A few years later, he returns to The Shack hoping to find some trace of Maja. What he finds is subtle, undefinable evil, and deeper terror than just the disappearance of a child.

Bedbugs - Ben H. Winters

Delighted with their surprisingly cheap apartment in a Brooklyn Heights brownstone, Alex and Susan Wendt happily settle in with their daughter Emma. Susan has eagerly anticipated having her own studio space, and she sets to work…until a horrible smell emerges in the room, and her paintings look like someone has been altering them. When bedbug bites appear on her arm, her sense of unease increases, especially when the exterminator claims there are no bugs -- but Susan can see them! Library Journal says you should read while keeping "an eye out for those squirmy little buggers."

Horns - Joe Hill

Ignatius Perrish is popular, rich, and in love with the beautiful Merrin Williams. Life is perfect -- until someone finds Merrin's mutilated corpse in the woods. There's no proof that Ig killed her, but practically everybody thinks he's guilty. After a year of drunken misery, Ig wakes up one morning to find he has turned into a monster: there are horns growing out of his forehead. He also discovers new powers that lead him in unexpected directions, and a new challenge: reveal the monster who killed Merrin. Publishers Weekly calls Horns "compulsively readable."

John Ajvide Lindqvist is also the author of Let the Right One In.


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Wow. Thanks for all these!
Writer said…
You're welcome, Mitch. I'm excited about these too. :)

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