From the Frontlines

Just returned via I.L.L. - that's Interlibrary Loan for you non-library folk - is the book The Origins of the Korean War, clocking in at just over 600 pages.

Why do you need 600 pages simply to say that General MacArthur was a crazy mofo?

As for occurred to me as I was skipping over an Adele song yet again on my iPod - Turning Tables to be exact - that I really REALLY need to delete her from my iTunes.

Corollary thought - I really need to update my iPod, so I can get rid of the Bright Eyes that I've ALREADY deleted from iTunes.


Tim said…
Which Origins of the Korean War?? Bruce Cummings' book, or Peter Lowe's book?

Cummings' book is a two-volume affair.

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