It's So Sad

Image via College Cum Slut

You wait so long to put up the tree, and then after a day, it's over.

And especially with it being on a weekend, for some of us, we're back on fucking Monday!


Mitch Block said…
With that thought in mind, some years we wouldn't even bother putting up the tree. But then we'd miss it. Can't win!

Sorry it's back to work for you today!
becca said…
so true our tree is down and all decorations put away all that waiting for a few hours of fun it is sad
Writer said…
Thank you, Mitch. It hasn't been too bad this week, but oddly enough I find myself going to bed as early as possible. Maybe I've finally become an adult. ;)
Writer said…
becca, I never take down the tree till New Years Day. :(
Writer said…
True, gayte-keeper, true. :)

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