LOL: Recall the Koch Sucker Now!

I hate to sound like a Teabagger. But there are some grass-roots movements that really need to be taken seriously. I think. Maybe.

Story via GAWKER

There is such a fine line between the Occupy Wall Streets peeps whom I love and the Teabaggers who simply what a black man out of office. Though they won't say that. But still...


tamayn said…
Really teabaggers and the Occupy Movement are two sides of the same coin. We just blame different organizations for our ills. I would like to say that occupy is more noble, but well, who knows.
Writer said…
tamayn, I both agree and disagree. I firmly believe that the Tea Party is born of 65% racism and 35% corporatism. People like the Koch brothers are playing off a certain demographics inability to accept the fact that a black man is now currently in power (well, sort of) of the government. (Honestly, I'm tired of his centrism which is why the GOP is so successful at being the party of NO.)

There is a tumblr blog called we are the 99%. Check it out; many of the stories will make you ache. :(

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