Sunday Beau

Have you visited Naked Came I? If you want a mix of history, civics, smut and day to day life, then you should. This lovely image comes from there.



nicolas said…

I love your blog.
You shoudl add it in the new gay bloggers' platform.

What I like is that you can meet other gay bloggers with similar interests,
and get many tools and tips for having more impact to your blog.
I just add my blog.
That 's why I give you the tip.

charmngbilly said…
'tis true, quite lovely.
WBG said…
I visit Naked Came I at least once a day, often several times a day. I've been following Tim's blog for years now, he's part of my life. Yet I've never met him (would like to). He's intelligent, sensitive, insightful . . . my life is richer for him.
Writer said…
Thank you, nicolas. I'll look into it. :)
Writer said…
Indeed, billy. :)
Writer said…
WBG, I couldn't have put it better. :)

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