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Tuesday Night Beau

Feist: The Bad in Each Other

It Lives: Hammer Films

Damn, O'Brien!

I Can't Help Myself

Tuesday Beau

A Little Late Night Beau

Miss Piggy: Yeah Yeah

Good Read: The Tripod Trilogy

So, Saturday Night there was a Stripper

Monday Beau

Weekend Beau

I Love This!

Beau: Grant Gustin

Hey Girl.

Eat Your Vegetables!

Tweet of the Day

This Is SICK

Friday Beau

LOL: Oh, Fidel!

Please, OH, Please...

Crazy But True, Genealogy Edition

Dustin Lance Black

Thursday Beau

For Your Late Night Viewing...

Happy Hump Day + Pug

Drunk Grindr

Late Night Remonstrance

All Bow Before the Power of St. Etienne!

Nikky Finney: Heart, Truth and Justice

Repost: Christianity vs. Islam, in a nutshell

Tuesday Beau

The Cure for Homophobia

Monday Night Beau

Bless Her Heart

Teamwork Beau

I'm Not Quite Sure How I Feel About This

Something to Remember...

Classical Music as a Roller Coaster

RIP Etta

Repost: Nevermore?

Beau: Michael Fassbinder

Beau: Arpad Will You Marry Me


It's Nice to See People Are Paying Attention

That's the First Smart Thing You've Done

It Ain't Over

GOP Bullshit, or...

Love this

Thursday Beau

End Piracy, Not Liberty

Happy Hump Day

Last Night I BECAME...

Let's Try Defying Gravity

I'm Sorry

Got My Hair-Did