Beau: Arpad Will You Marry Me

Via Kenneth in the 212

Images of fucking gorgeously beautiful daddy (MY DADDY) Arpad Miklos are all over the net this morning from his starring role in the new Perfume Genius video "Hood."

Lawd, I need to go masturbate NOW.

Also, if you click over Kenneth says that Arpad is also a "hooker." Yup, I'm gonna start saving.


LightChaser said…
Wow. I really enjoyed that but I'm not all that sure what's going on. Most of my life has been like that. (Which is not as bad as it sounds.)
Will said…
Some of these guys are just too outrageously hot, but in this ad, Arpad also moves with a sensuous elegance and beauty that is the stuff of hands-off orgasm.

It was my understanding that a goodly percentage of porn stars do also rent by the hour. Am I off-base here? There was a time I would have plunked down almost any amount for a couple of hours with Adriano Marquez.
Writer said…
LightChaser, it's just the new music video for Perfume Genius. :)
Writer said…
Will, I will have to look up Mr. Marquez. I would definitely plunk down any amount for Arpad, and he moves with the same grace in both of the porn scenes that I've seen with him. :)

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