Bless Her Heart

While I agree with quite a bit of Unicorn Booty's commentary, I disagree that - in its context - Kylie's entire body of work before 2000 is awful.

However, it does seem like a good timeline and gauge of the pop music that was being created during that period. For example, when I saw the video for 1995's "Where Is the Feeling?" my first thought was "When did Madonna's Erotica come out?"

(Thankfully starting with 1990, I wanted to stab my eyes out much less. I'm suprised I like Kylie at all after having "Locomotion" thrust upon me all my childhood.)

But "Where Is the Feeling?" was immediately followed by the Nick Cave and the Bad Seed's "Where the Wild Roses Grow" featuring Kylie which is an amazing song, though I didn't know she was in it. This was an album that my Alabama boyfriend introduced me to on a mix tape.

I think there was definite improvement from the 80s to the 90s and definitely starting with Nick Cave even more improvement.

But I agree, it's amazing that the woman who brought us "Locomotion" and 1992 "Celebration" also brought us "Can't Get You Out of My Head," "Get Outta My Way" and "I Believe in One."

One last thing...this might be totally wrong, but I feel like with the album "Where the Wild Roses Grow," there is an assuredness that is missing in most of her earlier videos.

Wait a minute...I just got to the videos for X...maybe not.


becca said…
i do like me some Kylie
Writer said…
I do too, becca. But I do believe I'm of the post-2000 crowd. :)

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