It Lives: Hammer Films

I'm very excited about this Friday's "The Woman in Black," though as with most movies I tend to have to wait til their DVD release. But I'm especially excited that this is finally Hammer Films' (cross your fingers) successful rebirth. (And doesn't Daniel Radcliffe look so sexy in his Edwardian fit?)

Image and quote from NYT

The director John Carpenter has said that seeing “The Curse of Frankenstein,” the first gothic hit by Hammer Film Productions, as a kid transformed him. Another esteemed veteran of the genre, Joe Dante, said the same movie lived up to its tag line promise to “haunt you forever.” And Martin Scorsese has described an obscure sequel, “Frankenstein Created Woman,” as “close to something sublime.”

What makes the enduring reputation of Hammer, the tiny British fantasy factory, even more impressive is that the company all but disappeared right as the horror genre boomed. Hammer struggled financially through much of the 1970s, ceasing production by the end of the decade. What’s more surprising perhaps is that since then reviving Hammer, built on sequels and remakes, has proven far more difficult than reanimating Frankenstein’s monster.


becca said…
this movie looks to be very goos i want to see it
Writer said…
I definitely hope to see it soon. :)

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