Conservative Reaction to Prop 8 Decision

Regardless of my own personal thoughts on the whole concept of marriage, I find the Conservative (read idiotic) reaction to the Prop 8 ruling quite over-the-top. (Drama Queens!)

It's one thing for me as a gay man not want to become part of the marriage-corporate machine; it's another to have straight men who've been married 3 times or who don't have a lick of sense that god gave the common turd to deny people the right to be happy.

Read more at the New Civil Rights Movement: Tyranny and Incest and Globetrotters, OH MY!


Queer Heaven said…
The whole thing about Gay assimilation bothers me also. But, that aside we all deserve the same rights to marry and divorce as many times as we might wish.
Writer said…
Queer Heaven, I agree. I just think the whole institution of Marriage needs a-changing.
Writer said…
Thank you, Kyle. :)

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