Friday Beau: Antonio Biaggi

Via Cum Hunter


becca said…
can i have him to go plz
Writer said…
becca, with the power of the internet and gay porn sites, he can be delivered whenever you want him to your home. :)
JamTheCat said…
And he's married. This raises a possible storyline in my warped brain that may be better left untouched...or not, depending on how depraved I feel in the morning.
Tim said…
I love Antonio's face, body, cock, legs, balls, cumshot, foreskin.

That said, he is not a very good performer. He is very mechanical and rarely varies his "routine" on film.

If you see him just once on film, you'll be amazed at how hard he is, how massive and low-hanging his balls are, and how he just pistons men into submission. You won't believe how much semen he pumps. Or that he's doing this bareback.

And then you realize he does the same thing in every film. No movements vary. It's like he was blue-screened in or something.

After a while.... well, it gets boring to watch. It's like watching someone psycho have sex.
Writer said…
Kyle, married? To a man or a woman?
Writer said…
Tim, then it is probably a good thing I've only ever seen one of his fuck clips. LOL

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