Lana Del Rey's Hunger Games

1) I saw the preview for Hunger Games this past weekend when I went to see The Woman in Black so though I haven't read the books I'm quite excited.

2) I'm also excited to see Lana Del Rey doing the title track (her SNL performance notwithstanding). Thank you, Jezebel!

3) Is this Lana Del Rey? The same Lana Del Rey who did Born to Die? She looks so different! What have they done to her?

UPDATE: Yup, I'm gullible. No, this isn't Lana Del Rey. This is a spoof of her song "Video Games." I think I just went three shades blonder. LOL


becca said…
love Lana Del Rey just recently found her music and it was instead love
Writer said…
We just got the CD at the library, so I'll be ripping it later today. :)

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