Out Left: When Your 7-Year-Old Comes out

Thank you so much, Kyle, for posting this!

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But here's the thing: straight children have nothing to announce. Straight is the assumption. No one bats an eye at a little girl with a Justin Bieber poster in her bedroom, or when little girls love playing wedding with little boys every chance they get. If our sexual orientation is simply part of who we are, why wouldn't it be there in our elementary years?

I've heard from countless adults who say they knew that they were gay as young as kindergarten but lacked the language to talk about it. And in most cases, they knew it was something wrong that they should hide. Because gay people are part of my son's everyday life, he has the vocabulary, and it has never occurred to him there is anything wrong with it.

These paragraphs are from midway in the article (so be sure to read the whole) but this is so true. The expectation and assumption is that children are "straight" until suddenly in teen years, but I know as a child who loved to play house and played with my sister's dolls (and also played with cars and loved to go hiking and play in the mud as well), that I knew I was different as a child. I didn't have anyone to project any sort of "crush" onto - no Blaine or Kurt.

The second paragraph is equally true: I did not have the vocabulary to name myself growing up in a small town in western Kentucky. I never really new anything positive about "gay" until I came out my Senior Summer in high school.

But looking back, I knew. :)


Kyle Leach said…
It was a brilliant piece JP. It makes me happy that some of us finally have parents that understand us and that society has started to honor us and protect us.
MAC said…
I knew I liked boys as far back as I can remember too. I didn't know that I was "gay" until I was a teenager.
Writer said…
Kyle, that makes me happy too...though I bit envious.

Nope: a lot envious! :)
Writer said…
Same here, MAC. :)

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