PopMatter's Counterbalance

Over at PopMatters, they have a blog section called Counterbalance in which two bloggers discuss the Canon of great music. The latest entry is No. 70 - Portishead's Dummy and one of my favorite albums - this bitch is almost 20 years old!

What the blog does is take the top 3000 albums of all time and two bloggers discuss whether a particular album is deserving of that title. Well almost all time, the albums come from a website Acclaimedmusic.net which hasn't been updated since 2010, but apparently it's a Swedish site in which someone has developed a mathematical formula to "enumerate" the greatest albums and songs - evah!

And honestly, I don't know if they'll do all 3000 - currently they're up to 70 like I said.


tamayn said…
It's just an interesting project in general. I'll have to check it out when I can sit down and really think about it.

I remember seeing Portishead when I was very young on SNL, and I didn't really understand any of it of course. I think I was all of 12. I think they even played Glory Box. I came to them around when I graduated from high school.
Writer said…
Same here. This was probably one of the most played CDs I had for my senior year in high school. I remember wanting to "perform" Glory Box in my drama class.

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