Repost: Texting Makes You Hate Words

Via Jezebel
Here's some research that should make Olds feel vindicated: texting a lot apparently makes people less accepting of words they've never heard before. Which is weird because texting is basically a process of sending things that aren't words to people.

I'm assuming that "Olds" are those of us who think that texting is "new-fangled" and "stupid." Well, I guess I shouldn't say "us" cause I text all the time.


becca said…
i find texting confusing sometimes because i don't know what all the symbols mean
Writer said…
I typically don't use the symbols that are commonly used in texting except for acronyms that tend to occur in regular writing anyway...for example, fyi for for your information and things like that.
Tim said…
I often find texting confusing because people are such poor writers. I can't understand their broken English!
Writer said…
I find in texting I pay less attention to mistakes that I pay more attention to in writing or typing/keyboarding. Like through/threw and their/there/they're. Those kinds of things.

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