So Cute: Brandon Morgan and Dalan Wells

Via Towleroad

"We've known each other for four years, but we only just started going out this last deployment," explains Morgan. "And I've known how I've felt about him - ever since we've met but had to keep it down."

"Down" because it's only been six months since the Don't ask, Don't tell law was repealed. Without it, the couple says they'd likely have reunited with a simple handshake.

"Apparently this photo has been dubbed 'The Kiss Seen or Heard ‘Round the World' and is breaking barriers," says Morgan. "People feel more confident to live their own life and be truthful to who they know they are."

The couple started dating via Facebook two months ago – while Morgan was on his third overseas deployment in four years.

"That's why that kiss was so crazy. It was the first kiss!" says Wells.

Click over to watch the video of the interview! DAMN! It makes me think love is possible in the warm, fuzzy feeling that typically only celluloid allows.


tamayn said…
I'm so happy for the two of them. There is nothing more beautiful than real love. It's rare to see it, but when you do, it's indescribable.
becca said…
they are an adorable couple
Writer said…
I completely agree, tamayn.
Writer said…
Indeed, becca. :)

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