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Speaking of birthdays, the iconic TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer turns 15 today. If I were a better TV watcher, I'd make this post one of those "Where were you when you the day that Buffy started?" posts, but given that I never saw ANY Buffy until I bought the damned show on DVD many years after the fact, I don't really have much room for a good-ol' sentimental reminscense.

As many of you read yesterday, the verdict came back guilty in the trail of Dharun Ravi whose sentencing will take place May 21. Here via the LATimes is the LGBT's reaction: LGBT community offers muted reaction

Be sure to check out Arjanwrites Music Blog where you'll find a cover of Lana Del Rey's Video Games, the new Marina & the Diamonds, a really cool Swedish House Mafia/Absolut Vodka video (someone's just recently watched their TRON), and a bunch of other cool music news.

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io9: Teacher placed on administrative leave after reading asshat Orson Scott Card's Enders Game to class. Apparently a student thought it was pornographic. LMAO!

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daan said…
Happy 15th to one of my all time favourite tv-shows! And like you, I never appreciated it untill I saw the seasons on DVD, getting better and better through the years.

Happy Buffy Day!
Writer said…
I hope you enjoyed Buffy Day, daan. I think it's time to start my yearly Buffy-watch-the-entire-series-athon. :)

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