Chuck Palahniuk Survives Freak Car Accident

Via GalleyCat

Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk survived a freak car accident. According to, Palahniuk was sitting in his car parked on a driveway when a semi trailer hit his vehicle on Friday [March 23].

Here’s more from the article: "The semi’s driver took a curve too fast, tipping his trailer. The trailer slid toward Palahniuk’s car and struck the side of it before coming to rest blocking the westbound lanes."

His car was destroyed, but Palahniuk didn’t go to the hospital. The driver also escaped unharmed, but was ticketed for his negligence. His webmaster tweeted: "Spoke to Chuck last night. He’s fine and is recovering. Thank you all for your well wishes."


becca said…
wow how lucky
tamayn said…
That really sounds like something straight out of one of his books. How much more random can you get?
Writer said…
becca, very lucky.
Writer said…
Totally, tamayn, AND made it all the more upsetting to read about.

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