Gays in Print: Jack Robinson's On Show

Image and quote via NPR

You never know what people are hiding. When Dan Oppenheimer opened the door to Jack Robinson's apartment, for example, he had no idea what he'd discover. He knew that Robinson had been a photographer in an earlier chapter of his life that he rarely spoke of.

Oppenheimer, who had been Robinson's boss at a stained-glass studio in Memphis, recalls that Robinson kept mostly to himself and had very few friends. Few people even knew he had died, which might explain why Oppenheimer found himself in this position to begin with: There was no one else to take care of the effects.

What Oppenheimer did find when he opened the doors was an immaculately tidy apartment with exactly one of everything: One plate, one bowl, one mug. Robinson only wore white shirts and jeans, Oppenheimer says, and his spare white buttons were meticulously organized by size. A few cameras were in a display case. Then he opened the closet.

Also be sure to checkout the website for the Jack Robinson Gallery in Memphis, Tenn.


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Sean said…
The photos in the closet were amazing (from the NPR link). The get the gallery link to work you have to delete the /%622 after the .com.
Writer said…
raulito, I'm just now getting around to responding to comments. I went to your blog and looked for the something special you mentioned...but I'm not sure what I'm looking for. :)
Writer said…
Sean, I fixed the link. I had left a quotation mark off of the html. :)

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