GLSEN Greater Cincinnati's Stories Project

Kyle over at Out Left has a link to an article about Cincinnati's GLSEN and their Stories Project's move to reduce anti-gay bullying in schools.

"It almost makes me angry when I hear 'it gets better.' I don't want it to get better; I want it to be better now."

That's just one of several eyebrow-raising sentiments expressed by Brady, one of four teens -- one bisexual, two transgender and one gay -- prominently featured in "Stories Project: NOW," a poignant new video aimed at creating a safer environment for LGBT youth in Cincinnati-area schools.


Kyle Leach said…
Thanks for the shout out JP. This video just made me want to cry. They are all trying to be so brave( and they ARE all fierce), but you can tell the unkind parts of life is starting to get to them, some of them more than others. They really need help, but it sounds like barring a few, most people just seem to allow the bullying, harassment, and intimidation to go unchecked.
Writer said…
I had a similar experience my senior year of high school. It seemed that the bullying wasn't the issue but rather my reaction, as though I was supposed to buck-up and become stronger. Granted, I wasn't only bullied by my peers but also a history teacher who happened to also be a preacher: you went to class not knowing whether you were going to get a history lesson or a sermon about the men found out on the coalroads schtooping each other.

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