The priest who was put on administrative leave by the Archdiocese of Washington following a much-talked-about incident in which he denied communion to a lesbian woman attending her mother's funeral, has issued a long defense of his action and has said the church isn't being candid about the reason for its decision to put him on leave.

Rev. Marcel Guarnizo, in a statement posted by, says:

— Of the denial of communion to Barbara Johnson on Feb. 25 that he is "confident ... that I did the only thing a faithful Catholic priest could do in such an awkward situation, quietly, with no intention to hurt or embarrass."

WHAT!?! Was she licking her lesbian lover's twat at the time? What happened to that separate-but-equal bullshit about love the sinner, hate the sin? It was her mother's funeral, you child-molesting asshole!



steph said…
Been reading you for a while--you are both smart and funny and I appreciate that--"WHAT!?! Was she licking her lesbian lover's twat at the time?" Smile--you are right
of course but the Catholics are really fucked right now--maybe some good will come from the outrage--probably not.

tamayn said…
Therein lies the problem, he did hurt Barbara Johnson. (Although if she isn't a practicing Catholic, I don't understand why she would take communion in the first place.)
Writer said…
Thank you, Steph. I don't think outrage really does anything anymore...unless you can get a lot of people outrage and get companies to pull their money. As far as I can tell, no one advertises in the Catholic Church. ;)
Writer said…
tamayn, if a Catholic funeral is anything like a Baptist funeral, I sometimes get a mite peckish. Some bread and wine might just being the thing to stop a growling tummy.
Tim said…
Barbara Johnson was raised Catholic, and her mother was a life-long Catholic. Barbara wanted a Catholic funeral for her mother, as that was not only her mother's faith and her mother's wishes but also Barbara's wishes. All have the right to commune with Jesus Christ, according to the Bible. If Barbara wants to do so, it's her choice.

That said, Mr. Guarnizo was going against Roman Catholic teaching. The Roman Catholic bishops have quiet clearly said that no such denial of communion should occur at funerals, as that is not the time nor the place for a "spiritual confrontation." Mr. Guarnizo was disobeying his superiors, and putting his judgment in place of that of his superiors. That's a big no-no in the Roman Catholic Church.

Futhermore, it turns out that Mr. Guarnizo has been intimidating and bullying his staff -- and was relieved of all priestly duties, functions, and abilities last week.

He's not a priest. He's a bully.
Writer said…
Tim, I agree with you completely. Did you read his defense that he issued. He claims that he hadn't been bullying his staff, but really, what bully would admit to be a bully?

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