James Patterson Attempts to Undermine Military Abroad

James Patterson, international best seller of "books," attempted to undermine US military operations abroad by donating 200,000 of his mindless "books" to soldiers.

Via GalleyCat

Bestselling author James Patterson has donated 200,000 books to American troops stationed overseas.

This involved moving 20,000 boxes of books from Indiana to Georgia to California. The massive shipment was eventually sent to military bases and veterans’ hospitals overseas.

On his Facebook page, Patterson explained what this entailed: "It’s my hope these books will be some small token of our appreciation—and hopefully a welcome and well-deserved piece of entertainment after all they’ve done and are doing. It’s their service that makes freedom—to vote, to have families, to make a living, even to read—possible in the first place."

As you can see, his diabolical plot also involves the wasting of resources - trees for his "books," oil for transportation - the increase of carbon in the atmosphere and the proliferation of propaganda via social networks.

OK. OK. I can't stand his books, but I guess he did good...


becca said…
hehe i've never read a patterson book i don't think which is odd as i tend to read everything hence the nickname "book slut"
Trickle Down BS said…
I suppose when you can't sell them you still want to spread the b.s. so you give them away.
Nice try.
Writer said…
becca, we can both be book sluts, but to quote Clueless, "You know how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet." ;)
Writer said…
raulito, sadly not being able to sell them typically is not Patterson's problem. LOL :)

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