My Irish Roots

(Read in an Irish brogue á la Eddie Izzard.)

In honor of St. Patrick's, when that mean old Christianist saint "converted" all the potato-eaters to Christianity and gave them the pagan holidays of Christmas and Easter, I wanted to share my own Irish know, something other than a skill for over-drinking.

My several great's grandmother-back was a wee lass by the name of Honora O'Flynn and according to family tradition, she was kidnapped from the shore of Erin and brought to the New World, where she married Edward McQueen (as far as I know, no relation to Steve) in either Maryland and Delaware...I can't right remember.

Edward was NOT Irish, but the son of Dugal McQueen who was a Jacobite during the Jacobite Risings and sent to the New World as a prisoner.

The name Honora or Honor was passed down the generations to an Honor Jones who as a old woman in the 1850s was arrested for stealing a horse from a neighbor. She'd already been old and married for quite some time, so putting a blush to the family name came as natural as waking up and pissing in a pot each morning.


becca said…
what a great story
Kyle Leach said…
Thanks for sharing this JP.
Writer said…
Thank you, becca. :)
Writer said…
You're welcome, Kyle. Thanks for reading. :)

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