Proof That the Idiot Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Idiot Tree

Via AfterElton and David Mixner

Donald Trump's sons are seen above posing with a leopard they shot and killed while big game hunting in Africa. (Do people actually still big game hunt?) There are also other (equally disgusting) shots of them posing with the tail of the elephant they killed and a bull.

I'd say Trump should release some statement apologizing for his sons' behavior, but I know the man has no shame and a sense of entitlement larger than most.

Along come Eric and Donald Trump Jr. on a wildlife hunting trip to the Matetsi area of Zimbabwe near Victoria Falls. The game reserve was private and they broke no laws. However the message is powerful that if you are rich you can kill wildlife at you leisure while it is forbidden to everyone else. The rules don't apply in Africa to white rich trophy hunters.

[...]We knew that Donald Trump Sr. had no values and principles after listening to his anti-LGBT rants but now the lack of moral fiber has spread to the sons. Their actions are disgusting, sickening and inexcusable.


Writer said…
More like BLECH!
Mitch Block said…
Loathsome! An entire family of loathsome! I do hope they all get theirs some day (and not the "theirs" THEY think they deserve).
Writer said…
And, sadly, I read yesterday or Thursday, that one of the sons is actually nothing like their father: I can't remember which one, but apparently he's pro-gay rights and a progressive. Even more BLECH.

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