Carlos Fuentes Dies in Mexico

“You start by writing to live. You end by writing so as not to die.” ― Carlos Fuentes

Via The Los Angeles Times:

MEXICO CITY -- The prize-winning writer Carlos Fuentes, modern Mexico’s greatest novelist and indefatigable author of screenplays, stories and often-scolding commentaries, died Tuesday at a hospital in Mexico City. He was 83. The national culture council announced Fuentes' death. Although it did not immediately specify a cause, some Mexican news reports said he had checked in a night earlier with heart problems. But the prolific Fuentes, who said he had begun a new novel on the heels of another recently completed one, was not publicly known to be ailing. "I deeply lament the death of our beloved and admired Carlos Fuentes, a writer and Mexican of the world," read a message posted on President Felipe Calderon’s Twitter account.


Wonder Man said…
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