Chris Colfer's Struck By Lightning

I think this is the butchest pose and outfit I've ever seen him in!

Image and quote via NPR

I love Kurt and I love Blaine (and I completely agree with Think Progress's piece on the problems with Glee) and weekly I have to defend my love of Kurt from a friend who bitches constantly and consistently (as though Kurt and Blaine were real people) that the cutest high school gay couple currently on TV (is Santana and Britney cuter?) should be broken up and Blaine placed with someone more befitting his - what? - sexy-hottiness? WTH?

(My only problem with Kurt really is the degree to which the show's musical people keep putting him up in his falsetto - when he could've done I Have Nothing so much better in the range in which he started.)

But I digress...

Chris Colfer, one of the stars of the hit TV show Glee, is known for his portrayal of Kurt, a confident and openly gay high school student (who also possesses pipes like a diva). In the new film Struck By Lightning, which Colfer wrote, he plays a very different character: Carson Phillips, an ambitious high school student who starts a literary magazine in order to get into Northwestern University. The character is arrogant and not exactly well-liked, so how does he collect submissions? By blackmailing the popular kids, of course.


Sean said…
I thought that was Victoria (super nut case) Jackson sitting next to him at first.
Writer said…
Nope, too young and pretty. And Victoria Jackson is so anti-gay and he's so gay that their close proximity would immediately cause a black hole of some sort to develop.

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