Dharun Ravi vs. Mitt Romney

Mike Signorile via AMERICAblogGAY

The Dharun Ravi verdict and sentencing represents a dramatic shift in society's view of anti-gay bullying and of bias crimes against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Just compare what Ravi did to Tyler Clementi to what Mitt Romney did to a nonconforming student at his prep school in 1965, according to five of his classmates who spoke to The Washington Post. Ravi spied on his gay roommate and humiliated him, or as the charge stated, intimidated him. He was convicted of several crimes.

Mitt Romney and his buddies not only bullied a boy who some perceived to be gay, but engaged in what very much looks like an antigay assault, holding down the crying boy while Romney cut his hair. It was what we would today call outright gay-bashing. Romney not only didn't face any criminal penalty but there were no ramifications for him at his prep school. At the time, such acts were sloughed off with a "boys will be boys'" mentality. Today, we've been seriously debating whether a student who intimidated -- but didn't physically assault -- his roommate should have received 10 years in jail and be deported versus a lighter sentence.


Nelson Garcia said…
I'm of the belief that had the assault with the scissors taken place today, Signorile, those gays working at American Prospect, and insert name here would defend blame the victim.
Writer said…
I'm rather confused by your comment, Nelson. Mostly because you typed that a group would "defend blame" the victim. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "defend blame." So, I'm not quite sure what you are saying.
JamTheCat said…
Ten years was too harsh; one month is too light; but he's a felon, now, so he will be deported. Maybe not officially, since the judge said not to, but his student visa will not be renewed and he'll have to leave or remain as an illegal, which would be a whole different kettle of fish.

And I think Nelson Garcia meant to say Signorile bashes the victims of gay-bashing because he also thought 10 years was too harsh a punishment and dared to say so. Pathetic how some people can't handle an opinion that's different from their own.
Writer said…
Kyle, I guess I need to read-up more on Signorile. He bashes the victims? I haven't seen that part. Though I agree with the quote here. At least the affair isn't being totally brushed off.

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