FIRST Out Gay Man to Top Billboard Chart

Not only does this confirm that Adam is no American Idol flash-in-the-pan, but he's made music history:

He's become the first out male artist to have a #1 album.

Other gay performers such as Elton John and George Michael have hit #1, but only before they came out, and they haven't managed that honor since.

It's been a long road to #1, but thanks to a loyal fan base, a stellar album, and Adam's enthusiastic promotion, he's now in a class by himself. Congrats!

Via AfterElton


becca said…
aw did you do this for I know you didn't but I'm sure you heard me squealing when I heard the news he had hit #1 on billboard 200. Not sure what took them so long to figure out what I already knew which was he is an amazing singer, song writer and performer. I am so happy for him and so proud that his album did this I know he worked hard on it. Such an amazing day and a wonderful accomplishment. ok i'll stop gushing now.
Writer said…
I was wondering what that sound was, becca. ;)
becca said…
that was all me baby screaming my joy that people finally realized what a talent this boy is.
Writer said…
It was kinda the sound the Wesley made when he was being tortured in The Princess Bride but louder, higher-pitched and happier. ;)

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