I Have an Idea

I want to do a movie...well a long format concept video/movie with the music from Lady Gaga's album Born This Way that would document one night in the life of two gay guys.

It would kinda be like The Wiz but without Nipsey Russell or a young Michael Jackson.

Marry the Night would be obvious: it would be our two intrepid heroes getting ready for a night on the town. I've imagined MY version of Marry the Night many a time, though training the local drag queens to dance en masse does strike fear into my little heart.

The Edge of Glory would also be obvious: after trying all night to meet prospective lovers all night, the lights come up on the dance floor and finally they see each other.

I'd probably also be kinda obvious with Judas too. It'd be a hole you bitch you betrayed me affair.

And I have a few ideas for other songs, except I may just leave off Americano, Bloody Mary and Electric Chapel mostly because I can't really stand those songs, but maybe I just need to listen to them a little more and maybe I could come up with something.

Now, if only I had some money and camera/editing equipment just laying about.


becca said…
i like this idea
Writer said…
I occasionally have ideas like this. As a teenager I had a couple of mixtapes for which I had also in my head imagined choreography and staging. :)

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